Coca-Cola is launching ‘coke coffee’ & we’ve got heart palpitations already

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Ah, the dreaded afternoon slump. One minute we’re going full steam ahead and ticking things off our to do list left, right and centre, but come 3 pm our eyelids are starting to droop and now all we can think about is taking a nap.

Sound familiar? Well, the above may very well become a thing of the past, because multinational corporation, Coca Cola, are launching a new drink hybrid that’ll help boost energy levels and get hearts palpitating with one sip. Introducing Coke Coffee.

Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds: Coca Cola with coffee. A genius combo twist of two classics; the concoction is said to have less caffeine that the average cup of Joe (um, what?), but more than a regular can of coke and less sugar – OK, so it’s a healthier alternative to a normal can of fizz.

CEO James Quincey said “Coke Coffee was designed to reach consumers during specific occasions and channels like the mid-afternoon energy slump at work”.

The ready-to-drink java beverage will reportedly be released across 25 markets worldwide by the end of the year. We’ll undoubtedly be queuing up like willing guinea pigs to try this out as soon as it hit the shelves in the UK. Because who needs sleep, really?