Aldi’s giant ostrich egg plus 15 more weird & wonderful Easter eggs

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It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, no we’re not talking about Christmas – sadly that’s still quite a long time away – but Easter is just around the corner which gives us a legitimate excuse to eat our body weight in chocolate. This year the supermarkets have pulled out all the stops to deliver some of the most egg-stravagant Easter eggs we’ve ever seen. From Aldi’s giant ostrich egg to Marks & Spencer’s prosecco egg and even the return of Waitrose’s infamous avocado egg, we’ve rounded up 16 of the weirdest and most wonderful Easter eggs to hit the shelves this year. We’ve got great eggspectations…

Aldi Giant Ostrich Egg, £14.99

aldi giant ostrich easter egg

What could possibly be better than a chocolate egg that’s approximately three times the size of your head? Not much tbh. This beast of an egg weighs in at a whopping 800g and is made from white chocolate blended with caramel sugar powder, so measures up on taste as well as size.

M&S Proseggo Egg, £5

m&S prosecco easter egg

Chocolate and prosecco? Literally, what could be better? Luxury milk chocolate infused with raspberry, blackcurrant and prosecco, and did we mention it’s pink and sparkly?

Heston for Waitrose Chocolate Scotch Egg, £6

waitrose chocolate scotch egg easter egg

Mango and yuzu fondant yolk encased in a smoked milk chocolate caramel ganache, topped with a milk chocolate maple crunch breadcrumb – just wow. We’ll take this over a sausage scotch egg any day.

IKEA Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny, £2.95

ikea flat pack chocolate bunny

Only IKEA could make something as genius as a flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny. The sustainably-sourced cocoa bunny is available exclusively in IKEA stores, but you’ll have to be quick if you want one ‘cause once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Birdcage, £14.99

aldi bird cage easter egg

Aldi wins the prize for the most outrageously extra egg with this birdcage masterpiece. The cage part is carved from milk chocolate and finished with an edible metallic lustre, and as if that weren’t enough, you also get a dark chocolate and salted caramel egg inside. Yep, this is extra AF.

Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Ruby Heist, £12.99

aldi pink chocolate easter egg

This isn’t white chocolate coloured pink, it’s the newly discovered Ruby chocolate which has a unique pink colour and distinct fruity, sweet and sour taste. The chocolate diamond is also surrounded by 24 luxury flavoured truffles. And you thought chocolate couldn’t get any better.

Heston for Waitrose Teapot with Sugar Cube Chocolates, £20

waitrose heston teapot easter egg

Heston Blumenthal has well and truly outdone himself this year with this. The magical caramel milk chocolate teapot comes filled with earl grey & mandarin and black tea & ginger ‘sugar cubes’ as well as bitter chocolate cocoa nib ‘tea leaves’. 10/10 for creativity.

1kg Lindt Gold Bunny, £35

lindt giant chocolate bunny

Is it even Easter if you don’t eat a Lindt chocolate bunny? Definitely not. This year Lindt have created a giant 1kg version of their iconic bunny. It would be rude not to…

Waitrose Chocolate Coconut, £8

waitrose chocolate coconut easter egg

It’s a coconut made from dark chocolate and filled with white chocolate and desiccated coconut inside. Pretty cool eh?

Aldi Single Origin Cocoa Pod, £4.99

aldi metallic cocoa pod easter eggs

Not gonna lie, we’d buy this egg solely for the incredible ombre metallic finish; but it looks delicious too, coming in a choice of milk or dark Fairtrade Peruvian chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Cookie Dough & Ice Cream Sandwich, £10

hotel chocolat egg sandwich

Since this is a sandwich do you think we could get away with eating it for lunch? It’s got white chocolate and raspberry ‘eggs’ with pecan paste sandwiched between crunchy caramel milk chocolate ‘bread’. Sold.

Waitrose Chocolate Avocado, £8

waitrose chocolate avocado easter egg

Last year’s most coveted egg is back for Easter 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited; we may or may not have visited nearly every Waitrose in the country to hunt this bad boy down. It’s got a dark chocolate shell, white chocolate ‘flesh’ and chunky cocoa dusted ‘stone’; just don’t try and put this on toast for brunch.

Waitrose Chocolate Baby Avocados, £4 for 3 or £1.50 each

waitrose baby avocado easter eggs

How adorable are these baby avos? They’re just like the big egg version, only smaller. We’ll take 10, please.

Marmite Flavour Chocolate Egg, £3

marmite easter egg

We’re firmly in the love it camp with Marmite, but this just sounds wrong. Marmite-infused chocolate? It’s a no from us.

Aldi Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, £4.99 for a pack of 4

aldi chocolate hot cross buns

Ok, so they aren’t technically eggs, but it’s Easter so anything goes as long as it’s made of chocolate. These choccy hot cross buns are perfect if you’re not a fan of the real things – they’re infused with spices and topped with candied orange peel, so pretty close in our books.

Deliveroo Game of Thrones Easter Egg, 80p

deliveroo game of thrones easter egg

What better way to celebrate Easter and the new series of Game of Thrones than with dragon egg Easter eggs? Deliveroo will be launching these bad boys on 14 April when the new series starts and they’ll be available to order via the Deliveroo app. Easter is coming.

Image: Aldi