Aldi just launched a skinny prosecco at just 63 cals per glass

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Whether you’re watching your calorie intake after Christmas (snooze) or you just love prosecco (guilty), you’ll be pleased to know that everyone’s favourite supermarket, Aldi, have seriously cheered us up by launching low-calorie prosecco. Thank U, next Dry January.

aldi Low Calorie Prosecco

Available now, the La Giosa Colleziona Oro Prosecco (try saying that when you’re three glasses down) contains just 63 calories per glass, which works out to be a saving of 120 calories per bottle compared to regular prosecco. Don’t worry though, they haven’t skipped on the booze, as it still contains the average 11% alcohol content.

‘How is it so low-cal?’ we hear you cry, it’s a drier style of prosecco and contains half the amount of sugar than a regular bottle – making it officially the lowest-calorie prosecco available in UK supermarkets. So it’s basically healthy, right? Aside from the obvious advantage of having less calories, the reduced sugar content could also help ease your hangover the next day, since the high-sugar content of prosecco (as well as the alcohol obvs) is responsible for making you feel tired and weak the next day.

We’ll take two bottles then.