KFC’s new vegan chicken burger plus all the vegan food launches of 2019

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Vegan’s rejoice, KFC has answered your burger prayers and are launching their vegan ‘chicken’ burger, The Imposter.

KFC vegan ‘chicken’ burger

So, what is it? The £2.99 Quorn based patty is covered in Colonel’s secret recipe crispy coating, with a creamy vegan mayo between the bun and crispy iceberg lettuce.

The burger is being trialled this month across London, Bristol and the Midlands so if you’re in these areas then give it a go.

There’s been so many new vegan launches so far this year, we’ve rounded up the best of the best just for you.

Gregg’s vegan sausage roll

Back in January (cleverly in time with Veganuary) after a petition gaining over 20,000 signatures, Gregg’s launched the controversial ‘sausage’ roll. It gained a mixed reception but has since become one of their top 5 best-selling items.

So, what is it? The £1 vegan sausage roll is made from dairy-free puff pastry and filled with a bespoke Quorn filling. You can get your hands on the vegan snack at most UK stores.

Subway’s vegan sub

In April Subway added a vegan sub (6 inch from £3.80) to their menu and it’s the vegan-friendly addition our lunchtime needed. 

So, what is it? The sub is filled with a patty made from a delicious mix of sweet peppers, red onion, spinach, garlic and chilli. It comes in Italian bread and you can even add aioli (also both vegan, obvs). It’s now on their permanent menu nationwide so you can get it at any time.

Pizza Express’s Leggera vegan roasted veg pizza

Pizza is life and at Pizza Express they are constantly updating their vegan-friendly menu. Their award winning Vegan Giardiniera is one of the best-sellers ahead of even some of their mainline options and now there’s a new roasted veg version.

So, what is it? The leggera range is all under 600 calories and comes with a hole in the middle filled with salad. The £12.45 roasted veg option is topped with roasted pepper, courgette, aubergine, vegan mozzarella and rocket on a vegan base. Give us all the pizza, pronto.

Frankie & Benny’s vegan no-cheesecake

Dining out as a vegan has now been made even easier with Frankie & Benny’s vegan menu getting 26 new additions last month. From a vegan fry up to cheeseburgers, but for us it’s the no-cheesecakes that has got our mouths watering.

So, what is it? The £5.79 dessert is of course cheese-free and is made from a tasty substitute. You have to try it to believe it!

Images: KFC, Gregg’s,Subway, Pizza Express, Frankie & Benny’s.