15 of the most WTF food combinations that nobody asked for

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We’re no stranger to weird food – chicken nugget and gravy pizza anyone? But the launch of Papa John’s marmite stuffed crust pizza got us thinking about the strangest food combos that are actually available to buy, aka things no one ever asked for like Creme Egg Mayo or Sweet Potato flavoured KitKats – yep, both of those are real. So we’ve scoured the internet to find 15 of the most WTF food products from around the world. We’re saying thank u, next to these…

Marmite Peanut Butter

marmite peanut butter

Ok, we love Marmite and we love peanut butter, but we’re not exactly convinced about this combo. It claims to mingle the umami flavour of Marmite with the smooth and salty nutty crunch of peanut butter. Nope, still not convinced.

Creme Egg Mayo

creme egg mayo

We thought this was an April Fools joke but it appears that creme egg and mayo lovers will actually be able to get their hands on a jar of the stuff at a pop up in Shoreditch later this month. Pass the sick bucket.

Japanese KitKats

sweet potato kitkat

In case you weren’t aware, Japan is the home of some of the weirdest flavours of KitKats around, including Baked Sweet Potato, Wasabi, Red Pepper and Apple pie to name a few; ok that last one sounds pretty good but we think we’ll stick to milk chocolate.

White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles

white chocolate peppermint pringles

Ok, these were only a limited edition Christmas flavour a few years ago, but still, who thought this would be a good idea? We actually cannot think of anything worse than Pringles that taste vaguely of chocolate and toothpaste. Categorically no.



McDonald’s have some seriously cool, and also strange, menu items around the world. One of the fanciest comes in the form of the McLobster which is available at Canadian locations; forget about the Big Mac, we only want lobster from Maccas from now on.

Marmite Chocolate

marmite chocolate

Marmite and chocolate on their own are great. But under no circumstances should they ever come together. Trust us, we’ve tried this and it’s just as disgusting as it sounds.

Coca Cola Blak

coke blak

Thought Coca Cola didn’t have enough caffeine in it already? Think again. Coke Blak was a coffee-flavoured soft drink that was available in Europe but was discontinued in 2008, which is hardly surprising considering how disgusting it sounds.

Tomato and Carrot Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

vegetable ice cream haagen dazs

Ever wished you could make ice cream healthier? Well turns out you can get vegetable Haagen Dazs in Japan flavoured with carrots and tomatoes. Erm, no thanks.

Yoghurt Pepsi

yoghurt pepsi

If Actimel and Pepsi had a baby, this would be it. It’s only available in Japan, which we’re pretty glad about tbh because this sounds absolutely horrifying.

Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wing Oreos

hot chicken wing wasabi oreo

There are literally hundreds of weird Oreo flavours from around the world like Watermelon, Cotton Candy and Banana Split but two of the most interesting flavours are Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wings. We think we’ll stick to the original flavour, please.

Cappuccino Lays Crisps

cappuccino lays

Some coffee-flavoured crisps to go with your coffee-flavoured coke?

Fish & Chips Walkers Crisps

walkers fish and chips crisps

Remember back in 2009 when Walkers made this monstrosity of a crisp flavour? Yep, you didn’t imagine it, it really happened, along with several other horrendous flavours like Chilli and Chocolate and Cajun Squirrel.

Mountain Dew Cheetos

mountain dew cheetos

Ok, we get it, Japan has some of the strangest food products in the world, but Mountain Dew-flavoured Cheetos has to be one of the weirdest.

Parma Cheese Krispy Kreme

parmesan krispy kreme

If you happen to be in Thailand and you like doughnuts and parmesan, we dare you to check this out. We’d rather have an original glazed though.

McChoco Potato

mcchoco potato

Ok, we’ll admit it, sometimes we dip our fries into our chocolate milkshake, but McDonald’s has taken this to a whole new level. Available in Japan, this pairs classic salty fries drizzled with white and milk chocolate. We think we’ll stick to dunking thanks.