The cheesiest (and silliest) Valentine’s Day snacks you’ll probably end up buying

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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and whether you’re planning on a big romantic night out or locking yourself in your room until the whole thing’s over and done with, food plays an important part. So if you’re looking for some mood-setting morsels or just a big pile of comfort food, we’ve got the best brand new snacks for you to enjoy on the most divisive day of the year.

Tyrrells Aphrodisiac Crisps

Want to get your lover in the mood? Crisps might not seem like the most romantic gift but high-end crisp brand Tyrells claim their sweet honey and fiery chilli flavoured crisps are just the ticket to send temperatures soaring in the bedroom. There’s not much in the way of medical evidence to back this up but they claim the honey tastes will tinker with your hormone levels, and the chilli should activate nerve endings on the tongue, releasing endorphins. Whether it’s true or not, just make sure your boo doesn’t eat them in bed – there’s nothing more of a turn-off than getting jiggy on a pile of itchy crumbs.

Ben & Jerry’s Topped Love Is…

Music is the food of love? Nope, it’s actually ice cream. There’s nothing better than sharing a tub of quality ice cream with your other half, and if you don’t have an other half that’s even better as the entire thing is all yours. Whatever your relationship status do Valentine’s Day in style with the brand new and delicious-sounding Topped Love is… from Ben & Jerry’s. It’s all about brown sugar ice cream, pink salted caramel cups, cookie swirl, pink topping, and heart-shaped chunks – and if that doesn’t get your heart racing, you’re made of stone.

ASDA Teddy Shaped Crumpets

Doing V-Day on a budget? Don’t worry, ASDA have you covered. Treat your lover (or yourself) to breakfast in bed with these incredibly cute teddy bear shaped crumpets, perfect for smothering in butter and getting your fingers messy. Who needs a fancy meal out when these taste so good, for a fraction of the price?

Mr Kipling Flower Whirls

This is one for the traditionalists. Team up your bouquet of flowers with these adorable new cakes from Mr Kipling. These delicate flower whirls are made from crumbly shortcake and filled with fruity strawberry jam and cheesecake flavours. Best of all, the packaging is all about romance, with pink hearts, rosebuds and a little note saying ‘You mean the whirl to me’. A little bit cheesy, sure, but this is the one day of the year where it’s OK to be mushy and sentimental.

Unicorn Tears Apple Juice

With all these snacks, you’re going to need a drink to wash them down. And what better than this cute-as-hell bottle of Unicorn Tears from Poundland? Interestingly, it turns out unicorn tears taste just like fizzy apple juice. Buy a bottle for the unicorn in your life today.

Nakd Salted Caramel Bars

Nakd are top of the tree when it comes to healthy snacks, and these new salted caramel bars have our hearts pounding. They’re made from natural ingredients, with no added sugar so they’re a safe way of snacking without piling on the pounds. After all, you want to look good Nakd for your partner, right?

KFC Gravy Scented Candle

Anyone who knows KFC know that their gravy is something very special indeed, but even we’re surprised by this new product from the Colonel. It’s a candle that smells like – you guessed it – the magical KFC gravy. Sadly, it’s not on sale but you can win one over at the KFC site. It’s not the most romantic item on our list, but it’s certainly the quirkiest, and could make a good talking point for the fried chicken lover in your life. We take no responsibility for any injuries or breakups that may occur after giving this to your partner on Valentine’s Day.