NBD, but McDonald’s might be launching Spicy Chicken McNuggets in the UK

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They’re arguably one of the most beloved fast food inventions of all time – Chicken McNuggets. Whether you call them nuggets, McNuggets, chicky nuggys or nugz, they’re the stuff weekend diets are made of, and now McDonald’s are doing the world a favour by trialling a new and frankly delicious sounding upgrade.

Yep, Maccers have apparently been trailing spicy Chicken McNuggets on the DL.

Foodie website Burger Lad reported that select Northern locations trialled the clearly genius spicy nugs throughout January this year. Priced £3.29 for 6, apparently they have a ‘tomato chilli crispy coating and Tabasco tomato sauce dip’. Whether they’re going to roll out nationwide is still unclear but one thing is for sure; they’d make an excellent addition to our Uber Eats order, so hurry up McDonald’s! Please and thank you.  

Image credit: McDonald’s Australia website