A whole tub of Halo Top ice cream has just 320 calories

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]In case you haven’t heard, one of the most hyped ice creams launched in years, Halo Top, is now available in the UK. Their low-calorie, high-protein ice cream has had everyone over the pond in a frenzy, as each tub only contains between 280 and 360 calories depending on the flavour.

We have to admit, we were skeptical at first, as anything that’s low-calorie and considered a ‘healthy’ alternative usually means compromising on flavour. So, for research purposes (of course), we wrangled a team of taste testers and tried all 7 flavours and happily, we were impressed. Here are the results…

Peanut butter cup

Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup

With 320 calories and 20g of protein, our taste testers said the gluten-free and veggie-friendly peanut butter cup ice cream tastes just like Reese’s. It has a strong peanut flavour that isn’t too buttery, a slightly powdery finish but was smooth in texture.

Cinnamon roll

Halo Top Cinnamon Roll

Smooth and creamier than expected, Cinnamon roll is sweet without being overpowering. At just 360 calories a tub, with a generous amount of cinnamon, this was voted our favourite and even received a thumbs up from those in the office who aren’t fans of cinnamon. We’ll take two.

Sea salt caramel

Halo Top Peanut Sea Salt Caramel

For 320 calories, the subtle yet moorish sea salt caramel had a surprisingly intense flavour, with satisfying pockets of caramel depending on how deep you dig into it the tub. *Drools*

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Halo Top chocolate chip cookie dough

We found the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour a little sweet, and some taste testers said it could do with a little more cookie dough. It has a slight powdery finish to the taste because of the protein, but it’s not enough to stop us from the licking the tub clean – and it’s only 360 calories.


Halo Top chocolate

The chocolate flavour is more on the subtle side and although it’s not as creamy as most chocolate ice creams out there, it’s extremely smooth in texture and only has 320 calories a pot. This was voted second favourite!

Mint chip

Halo Top mint chip

Tasting more sweet pepperminty than mint, it’s surprisingly creamy and rich for just 320 calories. The tiny chocolate chips compliment the freshness and balances out the sweetness, but as with the chocolate chip cookie dough, we could have done with more chocolate.

Vanilla bean

Halo Top ice cream vanilla bean

A classic vanilla bean flavour that’s extremely creamy and sweet, but surprisingly is not sickly. It has the least amount of calories compared to the other flavours with only 280 calories. Now that’s truly guilt-free.


Find Halo Top at your local Tescos or Waitrose.

Image credit: Halo Top