Aldi has slashed the price of its Lindt bunny dupe & it tastes the exact same

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If, like us, you’re a total chocolate obsessive, you’ll know that the Lindt bunny is literally iconic and if we don’t get one every Easter then it wasn’t even Easter. Fact.

So imagine our surprise and delight to discover that our fave supermarket, Aldi, has created an unreal dupe of the gold bunny with two key differences; it’s wrapped in a royal blue foil instead of gold, and is lacking the distinctly recognisable red collar complete with bell around its neck. Sad as this may seem, we couldn’t care less about the packaging as, let’s be honest, it doesn’t stick around for long.

As part of its first ‘Easter 6’ promotion, Aldi has slashed the price of its bunny from 79p (still cheap tbh) to just 49p – we’re not sure how long this promotion will last though, so get down there sharpish if you want to take advantage.

Aldi’s dupe bunny tastes exactly the same as Lindt’s original (we can vouch as we volunteered as tribute to try it), it’s the same size and weight, and it’s one fifth of the price. Guess we’re buying five then…

Images: Lindt & Aldi