Aldi has launched a red wine for people who don’t like red wine & it’s only £5.49

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Do people actually like red wine or is it just something they say to make them sound more mature and sophisticated? As a long-term red wine hater, I would say the latter; I guess my palate just isn’t mature enough for things likes red wine, olives and strong cheese. I assumed this was the way thing would always be, that is until Aldi launched a red that even the biggest haters are guaranteed to like, and it even changed my mind. Seriously, what can’t Aldi do?

aldi big gun spanish red

Introducing the Big Gun Spanish Red, a blend of Syrah, Tempranillo and Merlot grapes – if, like us, you don’t know what that means, it’s bold, sweet and fruity, red and doesn’t taste like crap. But seriously though, it really tasted good and I would definitely buy a bottle (or six), and for just £5.49 it would be rude not to.. The Big Gun Spanish Red launches on 18 March, but until then there are plenty of great wines to choose from. If you’re a wine aficionado or you just like a tipple, you need to hot foot it down to Aldi asap because their new-season wines are about to hit shelves and they’re all under £10.

Image: Aldi