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KFC and Pizza Hut just joined forces and we are shook

Hold on to your McNuggets, because two of the UK’s biggest food institutions, KFC and Pizza Hut, teamed up this February to create a monster new pizza that combines multiple fan-favourite ingredients. Called the Gravy Supreme, it’s a Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites pizza bathed in KFC gravy and topped with Popcorn Chicken pieces, mozzarella, sweet
GOOD EATS best christmas sandwiches 2018

The best alternative Christmas sandwiches to try this year

You know Christmas is edging closer when the festive sarnies start hitting the shelves. This year, the supermarkets and coffee shops have really upped the ante. Forget dry and boring turkey sandwiches, these are Christmas sandwiches as you’ve never seen them before. From vegan offerings to sparkling brioche buns and festive dessert sarnies, we’ve rounded
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