How to order Starbucks red cups AFTER Christmas

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We wait all year for Starbucks to drop their Christmas coffee drinks, and then before you can say ‘Toffee Nut latte’ they’re off the menu, and we’re back to the daily (coffee) grind. But what if we told you that you can actually get your hands on those Starbucks red cups after Christmas too?

Yep, Inside Source’s in-house Starbucks guru, Kahmarl O’Gordon, gave us the lowdown:

“You can actually get your favourite Christmas drinks at Starbucks right up until the syrup stock runs out, and I’ve found over the past couple of years that that doesn’t usually happen until around February time. The drinks come off the menu, though, so nobody knows they’re still available!”

So, the secret to getting your hands on a red cup in Jan? Simply ask your Starbucks barista for your favourite festive blend (throw in a smile for good measure), and if they’ve still got the syrup, you’ll be able to order cup off the menu.

Images: Starbucks