How to get a mini Starbucks – yes really

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Attention fellow java-junkies! We just found out coffee giant Starbucks does mini versions of their most popular drinks, and we’re freaking out over how cute they are. The itty-bitty treat is 2oz. less than the next available size up, which is a ‘tall’, clocking in at just 10oz. a cup – it’s both adorable and delicious

Mini Starbucks Frappuccino

However you won’t find these advertised on the menu. So how does one acquire one of these babies we hear you ask? All you need to do is download the app to your phone and sign up online. Then from the Frappuccino menu (if you’re obsessed with Frapps like us!), you can order a mini frozen bev which will be ready for pick-up within a couple of minutes.

Whether you’re cutting down on calories or simply curious about the vast array of Starbucks coffee offerings, these are a guilt-free and cost-effective treat. Coffee break anyone?