McDonald’s are giving away free cheeseburgers this whole week – this is not a drill!

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Hands up who loves McDonald’s? *raises hand*. Hands up who loves free McDonald’s? *raises both hands*. If the lure of a free Maccas piques your interest then you’re in luck, because they’re giving away free cheeseburgers all of this week. January diet who?

Yep, to cheer up the most depressing week of the year, and to lessen the burden of payday still being a whole week away, the fast food giant are kindly giving away a free cheeseburger from Monday 21 – Friday 25 January. There’s no catch, all you have to do to claim your free burger is download the McDonald’s app, go to the ‘Deals’ section, add the cheeseburger to your order and checkout – then go to your nearest participating restaurant to collect your delicious free burger. The offer is strictly limited to one per person so you can only claim your free burger once, but hey we’re not complaining, because nothing tastes better than a free burger. Fact.

Image: McDonald’s