18 secret Nando’s menu hacks you never knew existed

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Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? Instead of default-ordering your fave go-to item, why not mix things up by having a go at hacking the menu to upgrade your meal?

We’ve pulled together the ultimate list of Nando’s secret menu hacks, so get ready to take your Nando’s order to the next level. We’re so ready to try the PERi-flamer with a side of cheesy mash…

1. Order the PERi-tamer

Did you know there are actually more than six spice options on the Nando’s menu? Yep, mind = blown. BBQ sauce PERi tamer is on the kids menu and, trust us, it’s delicious.

2. Order the PERi-flamer

Psst! This secret menu item is for the brave. Try the PERi-flamer – a sweet and spicy mix of BBQ and extra-hot sauce. It’s not on the menu, but the staff will know what you mean. You can thank us later.

3. Make a burrito

Order your regular Nando’s but in a wrap then order a side of spicy rice. Unwrap the wrap and put the rice inside the “burrito”, re-wrap and enjoy.

4. Make your own brunch for £3

Order a side of garlic bread £2.45 and two sides of avocado – 60p each, mash the avocado onto the garlic bread et voila – avocado toast!. Add PERi-salt and PERinaise to season and if you’re feeling extra order a side of halloumi.

5. Don’t miss out if you’re veggie or vegan

Nando’s may not be the most obvious choice for a meat-free treat, but surprisingly they have quite a few delicious veggie options including the sweet potato and butternut burger. Regular menu options can be hacked to make them vegan friendly as well, check out our roundup of veggie and vegan menu hacks here.

6. Put PERi-PERi salt on plain popcorn

Ever felt that plain popcorn was a bit, er plain? Try a sprinkle of PERi-salt on some plain popcorn for a delicious salty snack with a twist.

7. Enjoy Nando’s houmous at home

Houmous with PERi drizzle makes the perfect pre-chicken snack, now you can enjoy it at home as Tesco sell it. Drizzle the smoky PERi PERi over the creamy houmous and enjoy with pitta, chips, carrots, chicken we could go on

8. Make your own PERInaise

Instead of paying for PERInaise, save yourself £££’s by mixing the free mayonnaise with any Nando’s spice – think BBQ, garlic or classic medium, hot or PERi-PERi for the perfect accompaniment to chicken.

9. Make cheesy mash

What could possibly be better than mash? Er, cheesy mash! You can ask for cheese to be added to your chicken, so why not take it a step further and ask for cheese to be added to your mashed potato? *drools*

10. Make a fantoke

So this is a “thing” amongst true Nandofficiandos. Order a refillable soft drink and mix half-Fanta with half-Coke and – voilà – you have yourself a delicious, refreshing “Fantoke”.

11. Add sauce to your sides

Don’t limit yourself to only adding sauce to your main, spruce up the sides too for maximum flavour. Mango and lime corn on the cob, anyone?

12. Nando’s do breakfast

A flying start to my day. Only one place to get #nandosbreakfast 😁🤗☺️

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This is not a drill – now you can enjoy PERI PERi goodness all day. Sadly, the brekky menu is only available at Gatwick airport (but, great excuse for more holidays!). There’s everything from Nando’s Benedict with PERi-hollandaise and omelettes to spiced, maple french toast and pancakes. See you at the airport…

13. Replace your bun with garlic bread

Why have a regular bun when you could have your delicious chicken sandwiched in between two slices of garlic bread? Just ask them to make the swap when you’re ordering. Mmmm.

14. Try the #MERKY burger

The #MERKY burger is the latest addition to the Nando’s menu, originally thought up by grime legend, Stormzy. Featuring grilled halloumi cheese with garlic and chilli, sandwiched in a toasted Portuguese roll – it’s actual perfection.

15. Order a large fries, rather than two regulars

If you’re counting your pennies, you should know that you get about the same amount of fries in one large portion as you do when ordering two regulars – and it works out cheaper.

16. Get the bottled sauces at home

Spice up your life and get your PERi PERi fix at home. You can buy bottles of Nando’s sauces at places like Tesco and Waitrose. Ever tried putting PERi sauce on cheese on toast, or a bacon sandwich? You haven’t lived!

17. Make your own rice and peas

Create the ultimate side by mixing spicy rice and macho peas on your plate. Trust us, it’s a game changer.

18. Download the app for special dietary requirements

The Nando’s app lets you filter by dietary requirements and removes anything you can’t have. Plus, the app can be linked to Apple Health and submits calories to the health app meaning you can still enjoy a cheeky Nando’s if you’re counting the calories.