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There’s a secret menu Nando’s sauce you never knew existed

Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? Instead of default-ordering your fave go-to item, why not mix things up by having a go at hacking the menu to upgrade your meal? We've pulled together the ultimate list of Nando’s secret menu hacks, so get ready to take your Nando's order to the next level. We’re so ready to try the PERi-flamer with
FOOD HACKS Burgerking

10 Burger King menu hacks that will legit change you

Move over McDonalds, it’s time to reveal the Burger King secret menu. They’re famous for letting you customise their items so we’ve dug deep and uncovered the very best Burger King menu hacks out there. Be warned, some of these hacks require a bit of self-assembly so prepare to get your hands dirty! 1. The
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8 easy ways to help you win McDonald’s Monopoly 2018

Spring is just around the corner, along with the promise of better weather (fingers crossed), and it’s time for McDonald’s Monopoly to start again, hurrah! So in celebration of our favourite game’s return we’ve rounded up everything we know about this year's game, with help from the eagle-eyed editors at The Sun. If you need us we’ll
FOOD HACKS Mini Starbucks Frappuccino

How to get a mini Starbucks – yes really

Attention fellow java-junkies! We just found out coffee giant Starbucks does mini versions of their most popular drinks, and we're freaking out over how cute they are. The itty-bitty treat is 2oz. less than the next available size up, which is a ‘tall’, clocking in at just 10oz. a cup – it’s both adorable and delicious However you won’t

17 secret McDonald’s menu hacks you never knew existed

It’s a fairly safe bet that most of us order the same thing whenever we go to McDonald's – Big Mac meal, anyone? So imagine our excitement when we found out how to #HacktheMenu! Everyone from Huffington Post to have been talking about the McDonald's secret menu, so we’ve rounded up 16 genius hacks to upgrade your next
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9 secret Starbucks drinks you didn’t know you could order

We all have our go-to Starbucks drink that we end up ordering 99% of the time (vanilla latte, anyone?), but here’s why it’s worth branching out: there are actually over 87,000 drink combinations at Starbucks, most of which you obviously won’t find on the menu. You only have to type #StarbucksSecretMenu into Instagram, or search sites like and,
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