Everyone’s wearing teeny-tiny sunglasses & we don’t know how to feel

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Last year Kanye famously wrote Kim an email telling her tiny sunglasses were in, and the rest was history. The entire Kardashian/Jenner Clan, plus all their supermodel friends (Bella and Gigi to name but a few) have been spotted out and about wearing minuscule sunnies, and we’re just not sure how to react…

Seeing as the general sunglasses rule used to be the bigger the better, this trend has kinda blown our minds – but according to Dr. Vanessa Brown, a professor at the School of Art and Design at Nottingham-Trent University and author of Cool Shades: The History and Meaning of Sunglasses, it could have been predicted, “One thing you can guarantee with fashion is that when things have reached an extreme aesthetically, they’ll swing the opposite direction”.

So basically, as soon as glasses got so big and bug-eyed that they covered our entire faces, fashion had to rebel and make the tiniest glasses possible. Stella McCartney and Adam Selman were among the first brands to jump on the new trend.

But is anyone apart from celebs wearing them? Turns out, yes! Our Insta feed is flooded with fashionistas sporting teeny-tiny frames – and the more we look, well, the more we’re coming around to the idea…

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Image: The Cut