How to get the latest Nike React trainers for 30% off

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It’s a scientific fact *ahem* that trainers are a global obsession; if only they didn’t come with such a hefty tag price tag. Well good news footwear fans, we found a way to save nearly 30% off the original price on a pair of iconic Nike Epic React trainers – say what?

The secret is to look at their kid’s shoes, specifically the Junior section. Wait, wait, hear us out! If you fall between a size 3 to 6 then you’re in luck, because a pair of Nike React trainers in adult size will set you back £130, while a junior size costs £90. That’s a whooping £40 in savings.

According to Nike’s shoe guide, there are a few junior sizes that overlap the adult chart. For example starting from a junior size 3.5, this is the same size for a women’s size 3, while a junior size 4.5 is women’s 4, and happily they go all the way up to women’s size 6. With three colours of the Nike Epic React available, they’re the perfect addition to our growing shoe-drobe.