15 of the best shops on Depop

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Depop, but just in case you haven’t let us give you the lowdown. Founded in 2011 Depop is a free shopping and resale app, think a cross between Instagram and eBay, which allows you to buy and sell anything to anyone in the world; it’s quickly become one the hottest places to buy and sell clothing – especially vintage. But it’s not just second-hand bargains, there are plenty of independent brands with Depop shops and you’re guaranteed to find stuff that no one else has. We’ve picked out 15 of our fave Depop accounts just in case you needed some new shopping inspo. From cool new independent brands to shops selling 90’s and 00’s vintage, there’s even a few celebs with Depop accounts. As if we needed another excuse to shop…

Seol + Gold

seol gold depop shop

Seol + Gold is without a doubt one of our favourite Depop shops. They sell seriously cool double-tap worthy jewellery that won’t break the bank – from Maria Tash-esque dainty earrings to on-trend coin necklaces, plus a whole load of 9ct gold styles for budget-friendly prices. Honestly, we want everything.

Weirdo Clothing

weirdo clothing depop shop

Looking for a dose of 90’s and 00’s nostalgia that no one else has? Then you need to check out Weirdo Clothing. It’s got everything including cute hair clips, sassy pins, fluffy crop tops, platform trainers and Clueless-inspired tartan skirts. We’re obsessed.

Internet Girl

internet girl depop shop

Internet Girl is a real Depop mogul; she set up her shop with her boyfriend in 2012 and now has over 400,000 followers! Find killer vintage, 90’s and 00’s-inspired clothing on her shop as well as her own original designs.

Underground Hippy

underground hippy depop shop

If you’re looking for quirky, retro-inspired sunglasses and glasses on a budget then you need to check out Underground Hippy. There’s a massive, and we mean massive, range of frames, shapes, colours and styles as well as the odd piece of jewellery or handbag. We’ll definitely be stocking up for summer.


vintings depop shop

Vintings it the go-to place for 90’s vintage. This shop sells everything from sequin boob tubes & cat eye sunglasses to bucket hats and vintage adidas, plus it includes the odd designer item. What’s more, it’s all really affordable and is constantly being updated with new stuff. Take us back to the 90’s.

Olivia Buckland

olivia buckland depop shop

Believe it or not there are quite a few celebs on Depop, and former Love Island star Olivia Buckland is one of them. Her shop is full of the great high street clothing she’s renowned for wearing, from PrettyLittleThing going out dresses to Yeezy trainers, plus some of the dresses she’s worn to events and award ceremonies. And she even donates her profits to The Mayhew Charity which helps dogs, cats and communities, so you’re doing a good deed just by shopping.

Chiara Ferragni

chiara ferragni depop shop

OG fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni, isn’t one of the most followed people on Depop for no reason. Her shop is filled with all the cool clothing and accessories she’s been seen wearing on her Instagram, with a perfect mix of high-end designer and more affordable pieces.

Fifi’s Closet

fifis closet depop shop

Fifi’s Closet is basically Depop royalty and her account is almost a permanent fixture on the apps “People” page which showcases only the hottest accounts. She specialises in ethically and sustainably sourced fashion which is heavily influenced by the 90’s; plus she offers free p&p which is always a winner in our books.

Marnie Simpson

marnie simpson depop shop

The Geordie Shore star is a serious Depoper and her shop is the go-to place for anyone who wants to copy her great style. From red carpet dresses to her beloved tracksuits and even wigs, her shop pretty much has everything in it. She’s constantly updating it too, so keep an eye out for great new stuff before someone else snaps it up.

Sold Soles

sold soles depop shop

Hypebeasts listen up, Sold Soles is the place to find the hottest trainers on the market. From highly sought-after limited edition releases to everyday classics, they’re got literally every pair of trainers you could ever want. If you’ve missed a release make sure to check their shop in case you can find your dream trainers on there.

Emma Pops

emma pop depop shop

Look to Emma’s shop for some seriously great vintage finds as well as designer items and some handmade pieces. She’s got great trend items as well as classic vintage finds and everything from jewellery to Balenciaga-esque trainers.

Emily Ratajkowski

emrata depop shop

American model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski, has over 40,000 followers on her Depop shop. Her personal style is seriously great so look to her shop for the occasional designer handbag, jacket, shoes or dress; her items are pretty pricey but if you’re a big fan of hers (or just her style) then it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Velvet Vintage

velvet wintage depop shop

As we’ve already established, Depop is the best place to find vintage clothing without having to leave your sofa, and Velvet Vintage is a great place to start. They stock a wide array of treasures from the past as well as newer, quirkier items from classic sportswear brands.

Chanel Vintage

chanel vintage depop shop

Ok, so we can’t necessarily afford anything from this Depop shop, but a girl can dream, right? Owning anything from Chanel is legit one of our life goals (don’t judge) and this shop has an incredible selection of vintage items from the classic 2.55 quilted bags to the iconic Chanel boomerang. This account is perfect for window shopping.

Kicked Official

kicked official depop shop

Another great shop to find trainers on Depop, Kicked Official stocks a plethora of everyday classic styles from brands like Nike, adidas Originals, Vans, Reebok and more.

Images: Instagram @depop, @weirdoclothing