This new Asos feature will change the way you shop forever

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We believe we’re talking on behalf of everyone here when we say we spend the majority of our spare time hopping from Instagram, to Facebook, to Snapchat, to Asos – and back round again. The app is basically like another social media channel we unconsciously check at all times; leading to hours upon hours of clicking that heart button to create a giant wish list.

Well, Asos has just made our lives even easier with a new in-app feature, and believe us when we say you’ll be even more addicted to creating those wish lists.

If you click on the saved items (heart icon) on the app, you’ll now realise it says ‘boards’ at the top. This is where you can arrange your fave dresses, boots, bags – you name it,  in to perfectly organised boards in true Monica Geller style. From your ‘party outfits’ to ‘Christmas list’ you can group your edit in to sleek boards just like Pinterest.

If Asos shopping wasn’t addictive enough, then it is now – apologies for the serious shopping urges in advance.

Image credit: Asos & The Industry