Disney has expanded one of their coolest collaborations

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It’s no secret that our love for Disney runs deep. From the movies (old and new) to  Christmas decorations and make-up collections, we’ve certainly fallen in love with all things Disney. And, although we adore the main characters (obvs), there will always be a special place in our hearts for their badass sidekicks. So imagine our excitement when we discovered that Disney had expanded their collection with Skinnydip to feature our favourite animal creatures!

Think everything from The Little Mermaid’s trustworthy Sebastian (on a make-up bag!) to Pocahontas’ mischievous Meeko taking centre stage on an iPhone case.

Excuse us while we buy the entire collection, because frankly, Disney just wouldn’t be the same without our favourite sidekicks…

Sebastian make-up bag, £16
Lucifer phone case, £15
Abu make-up bag, £16
Cross body bag £30
Meeko phone case, £15
Mickey hoody, £30