New Look just launched Friends themed Christmas T-shirts

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As soon as Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, we practically reach for the mulled wine and frantically search Spotify for the Christmas classics playlist. So, you can imagine the excitement in the office when we spotted New Look’s latest festive drop.

They already have the F.R.I.E.N.D.S logo tee we all know and love, but now they’ve added some new styles that will fulfil everyone’s Christmassy needs.

We all remember The One with the ‘holiday armadillo’ (Ross) vs Santa (Chandler) right? Well, now there’s a T-shirt with said scene on. Then there’s The One where Monica had the turkey on her head – yes you guessed it, there’s a T-shirt for this memorable moment too.

Of course everyone wants to get their hands on these, and at £12.99 in sizes 6-18 naturally they’re already flying off the shelves quicker than a Christmas Aldi prosecco deal.

Head to or in store now to snap one up. Could you BE anymore excited?

Image: Friends