We found the best dupe of Meghan Markle’s gorgeous designer heels

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It should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of Meghan Markle. She’s a confident, empowered member of the Royal family who’s spreading a message of positivity, female strength and inclusiveness across the globe. And full disclosure? We’re kinda obsessed with her style too.

Elegant, contemporary and understated, we clamour to find affordable dupes of what she wears – we definitely don’t have the royal budget for her designer duds – and recently we’ve found a great dupe of the amazing heels she’s been sporting.

We fell in love with the gorgeous Aquazurra heels she wore to the Royal Academy of Arts recently, so did some digging and found out they’re the cult ‘Deneuve Pump 105’, priced an eye-watering £570. Hey, when you’ve got the bank of a Royal to rely on, Aquazurras are a given, but unfortunately we don’t. Fortunately though, we have found some AMAZING dupes from New Look! Priced a more-than-reasonable £25.99, they come in basic black, red and a classy nude.