We found the best dupes of Kylie’s cute pink boiler suit

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It’s no surprise that what Kylie Jenner wears, the world wants to copy. From her birthday outfits to her fave day-to-day jeans, Ms Jenner sets trends almost daily. So when we saw that she had dropped a new ‘Day in the life of’ video on YouTube, we knew it would spark a new obsession – and it did. Everyone, say hello to your new must-have, Kylie’s pink boiler suit.

Kylie’s fitted pink boiler suit is made by Ganni, a super cool Copenhagen-based brand, loved by the likes of Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner to name a few. Unfortunately, Kylie’s Ganni boiler suit will set you back over £500, but we’ve found some cool dupes that’ll give you the same look for hundreds of pounds less. `You’re welcome!

Topshop acid pink boiler suit, £59

Topshop zip-up utility boiler suit, £55

Urban Outfitters Tori boiler suit, £59