This is what Kim K would buy from Zara, Topshop and more this week

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We’ve all said it – ‘If I had Kim Kardashian’s bank balance this is what I would wear’. Imagining ourselves in her position, with access to the world’s top designers and exclusive one-off pieces, is a frequent daydream, but have you ever thought what if it were the other way round? If Kim was magically transported to the great British high street, what would she buy? We decided it was worth exploring…

Sequin cowl mini dress, £29

Vinyl silver stilettos, £39.99

Oversized denim jacket, £45

Leopard print cycling shorts, £6.99

adidas Falcon trainers, £84.99

Monochrome print mini tote bag, £22

Oversized bomber jacket, £60

Mirrored sunglasses, £45

Black mesh pencil skirt, £38

Camouflage cargo trousers, £45