A look back at 2018’s weird beauty trends (what were we thinking)

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2018 is officially coming to an end, but we couldn’t let the clock strike midnight without paying homage to the weird, wonderful and downright wacky beauty trends the past year has entertained us with. Did we enjoy dabbling at the time? Sure. Will we be trying them again? It’s a no from us.

Rainbow teeth

We love a rainbow nail, but CHRŌM took it one step too far in our humble opinion and created a nail varnish for teeth. You simply paint it on and it lasts for 24 hours before you brush it off again. Ten out of ten for novelty, but there’s a reason people get their teeth whitened, ya know?…

Glitter butts

We love glitter as much as the next girl, but, strangely enough, we’ve never had the urge to apply it to our boobs or butts and go to a festival. Just us?

Teeth nails

This one is just downright gross. It’s like some kind of ‘would you rather’ gone very, very wrong. We’d rather NOT have teeth for nails, thanks.

Halo brows

Looking angelic no longer requires a pair of fluffy white wings, FYI. Enter, the halo brow. A blogger gave it a go, took a pic, and people were feeling it (momentarily). We could get on board with this one TBH, as long as it was a one off and just for fancy dress. What can we say, we love a quirky eyebrow…

Faux freckles

There’s no doubt Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards looked smokin’ hot in her recent insta snaps, make-up free and rocking a face full of freckles. What this does not warrant is painting on fake, semi-permanent freckles using Henna and turning your look into something resembling chicken pox. We’ll leave this one in 2018.

Penis brows


Corkscrew nails

If these could’ve actually opened wine, then we’d have been more than on board. Turns out they’re just dangerous and/or painful. Proceed with caution… that’s all we have to say on the matter.

Graphic hair

We love a graphic print, but for your hair? We’re not so sure. Lilac’s, pink’s and grey’s are pretty big for 2019, but we’re leaving animals, shapes, checks, stripes and the like in the past. Good riddance we say…

Image: CHROM