I tried Kardashian-length hair extensions for a week and this is what happened

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If there’s one thing most women wish for, it’s thicker, longer hair. Recently, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have been giving us serious hair goals, thanks to their incredible hip-length wigs and hair extensions. And while they look seriously gorg, we can’t help but wonder what it’s like having Rapunzel hair IRL; what’s the maintenance like? How long does it take to style? How do you use the toilet/go for a swim/sleep at night??

We have so many questions that need answers, so we did what any sane person would do – contacted the company that creates the hair extensions loved by the A-list, Richy Hair, to arrange a trial of Kardashian-length hair for 1 week. Happily Richy Hair were game, providing none other than extension specialist Jaime Hunt to advise (Dani Dyer’s hair stylist of choice don’t you know).

Intrigued to find out what happened? Read on to see how the innovative tape-in hair extensions were applied, and what 1 week living with Kardashian-esque hair is really like…

Getting the extensions

Rapunzel’s diary

Day 1

Sleeping on the first night was… interesting. I put my hair in two plaits and I quickly found it wasn’t the weight or length of the extensions that caused me to toss and turn for a while, it was the sensation of the bonds against my head – definitely not painful, but not totally comfortable. I got over it though and willed myself to sleep; princesses need their beauty sleep after all.

My next challenge was the daily commute. I naturally ‘run hot’, as people say, especially when I commute, so it was definitely a smart move to add an extra 60cms of thick, long hair to my head (note: sarcasm). Cramming myself into the busy train, things got humid, so I employed my usual ‘throw it in a ponytail quick’ tactic which worked for a time, but didn’t stop the neck sweat. Real talk. The upside? I definitely felt extra AF swishing my hair around on the 8.32am to Charing Cross.

One fun and definitely unexpected challenge to tackle? Toilet times! Yep, my hair was so long it swept the toilet seat and lid when I sat down *vom*. My solution? Tucking my hair into my top for the duration. Oh the glamour.

The rest of the day was a breeze, and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy all my colleagues fawning over my hair; luckily I don’t mind people randomly stroking my hair!

Day 3

I definitely experienced more stares on the tube. As I’m an extensions virgin (did I mention that before?!) I’m quite conscious of them looking fake, so I assume everyone staring is thinking the same, but my friends assured me my hair looks flawless – definitely wasn’t fishing *wink face emoji*.

The highlight of day 3 had to be taking a shower. I was honestly nervous to shower, even though my extensionist Jaime gave me loads of great advice for aftercare. The key takeaways? 1. Unsurprisingly, 60cm hair is HEAVY when wet. These extensions were shockingly light when dry, but wet? Brace for some neck strain. 2. Drying my hair didn’t take as long as I thought! I assumed I’d be under the hair drier for an hour or so, but the whole thing took roughly 20mins. Bonus!

What didn’t take 20mins? Styling this beast of a mane in the morning. My usual morning routine (make-up, hair, get dressed and out the door) takes about 45 minutes. Now? An hour & a half, minimum, and the extra 45mins is all hair styling time. Granted, it is fun styling these mermaid locks, but the looks I get when I walk through the office door 20mins late each morning kinda aren’t. Maybe I should just get up earlier? ….nah.

Day 5

Today was the day to tackle the gym. My torture of choice? Step class. I know I know, you’re thinking, step?! Bouncing around on a step isn’t exercise, but believe me, it is the way my instructor Alix does it. I pulled my hair in tight plaits, grabbed my equipment and got to steppin’. The music is pumping, I’m working up a sweat and my hair was whipping around dangerously. I attempted a wide-step-off-to-tango-and-spin-back, and only narrowly avoid taking my eye out. My classmates are gliding and spinning around the room like elegant gazelles and me? My routine is more ‘cautious pigeon dodging commuters’, but at least I’m not hurting myself or anyone else with these hairy ropes of death.

Class done, I hit the showers and silently apologise to the women around me for how long I take up the cubicle for. Sorry not sorry.

Day 7

The final full day of having Rapunzel hair and it felt bittersweet! Mostly I enjoyed all the attention and compliments I received from friends and family (just being truthful!), which have ranged from ‘you look like a fairy!’ to ‘you could be the sixth Kardashian sister!’. Ok I made that last one up (lol, as if) but I have enjoyed the feeling of having flawless, statement hair every day, and I’ll miss how slimming having super long layered hair is. What I won’t miss? The painstaking maintenance. As a fairly low maintenance woman, going from medium length hair to butt length hair was always going to be testing, but wow, kudos to the celebs that have these extensions permanently (looking at you Dani Dyer!). Being a celeb is really hard, you guys.

In conclusion, having Kardashian-length hair extensions takes WORK, but the pay off is big time and it was fun to feel truly special for a week.

Special thanks to Richy Hair UK and Jaime Hunt.