Influencer CC Clarke reveals her secrets to becoming an Instagram hit

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Nowadays, you can’t throw a MAC lipstick without hitting a social media influencer. They’re everywhere. From Instagram OG’s like Chiara Ferragni and Sincerely Jules to up-and-comers on TikTok and YouTube, the influencer industry isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

But it’s quickly becoming a crowded market, and while more and more young girls dream of becoming Insta famous, not many will know how to get there, how to gain a following and how to create a career that can exist if, god forbid, Instagram shut down *shudders*.

Someone who knows a thing or two about creating great content, getting a big following (does 1.7 million sound big enough?) and building a career, is CC Clarke. We sat down with CC to ask the questions everyone wants the answers to, from what her Instagram strategy is to the most unglamorous side of her job, and her burgeoning wig brand.

Q: So, first and foremost, you have 1.7 million followers *gasp*, so spill the beans, what’s your Instagram strategy?!

Haha yes, it’s a lot isn’t it? Well from what I’ve learnt over the years, one of the most important things to maintaining and growing an audience is consistency.

Figure out what you’re good at, what it is you can offer people (whether it’s make-up tutorials, outfit inspiration or honest reviews etc) and do that over and over until you’ve created a great ‘signature’ that people know they can come back for, over and over again. Another part of being consistent is posting every day without fail. Whether it’s a quick Story or a planned out flat lay on your grid, post every day, without fail; as well as having fresh content, it’ll subliminally show people you have a relentless passion for what you do.   

Q: Instagram has so many ways to create content, from galleries to single posts, Stories to highlights; what’s your favourite?

Well I like my feed to look quite polished and glam, so I love prepping shoots and putting filtered pictures on that, but I like how candid and personal Stories feel, so I tend to use Stories for unfiltered ‘IRL’ and behind the scenes stuff. As an influencer that works with brands, I think there’s definitely a need for both but I actually do love planning shoots and doing flat lays etc, as it’s a great creative outlet.

Q: The influencer industry is getting more crowded by the day; is it really competitive or have you found people are mostly supportive of each other?

Honestly, a bit of both! Some people can be quite ruthless about growing their audience and getting attention. But what people really need to know though is, if you want to have longevity, it’s all about building a business to last in the background. A lot of people get into Instagram without a real plan, then quickly gain a following but don’t know what to do with it or how to monetise it. Like, if Instagram crashes and shuts down tomorrow, what would you have left?

Q: Speaking of brand building, can you tell us about the wig business you started?

Of course! So, I started my wig business because I saw a gap in the market for good quality, fashion-forward wigs that beauty obsessives everywhere can affordably get their hands on. I like to mix up my hairstyle and colour as much as I do my make-up, and knew I couldn’t continue to dye and damage my hair, so I found a company that made wigs, had a few commissioned, trialled them for a while and then launched them to the public on my website! All the money I’ve made from it I put right back in to the business, and now 5 years later they’re being stocked at Castaway Beauty!

Q: You must get sent A LOT of new stuff to try. Are there any products or businesses you’re excited about right now?

Well I can’t reveal too much but yes there are some brilliant products launching this year that I think will really make waves! I’ve been consulting with Urban Decay on an exciting new launch that’s definitely going to cause a stir, and I’ve been trialing a new matte-to-glitter transforming lipstick from NYX that’s really cool and designed to create an amazing ‘Insta moment’. I also love all the lipsticks with patterns and prints on them, and ombre shades built in to them.

Q: From the outside your life looks pretty #goals, but what are some of the more unglamorous moments of your job?

Oh there are plenty! Every day, it’s when I’m filming a YouTube video or Story at home, and my house is turned upside down with boxes and open products lying around everywhere. You don’t see that on the videos! You also don’t see that usually I’m glam from the waist up but from the waist down, it’s jogging bottoms and fuzzy slippers! Travelling for work can be pretty unglamorous too; think hanging around an airport lounge for 7 hours because your flight is delayed! But I can’t complain in all seriousness, I’ll take the bad with the good.

Q: You’ve had some great career highs over the past few years. What are some of your biggest ‘pinch me’ moments?

Oh definitely landing a year long campaign with Maybelline alongside Jourdan Dunn & Maya Jama! What a lot of people don’t know about that campaign is that I’m also a singer songwriter, and Maybelline actually asked me to write and record a song for the campaign which aired on TV! I was very proud of that moment.

CC Clarke’s wig collection is stocked at