I tried a CBD facial & it was lit (get it?!)

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If you haven’t heard of CBD oil yet, where have you been? The latest ‘it’ ingredient to find its way into the beauty industry, everyone from Holland & Barrett to Boots now stock various CBD-infused products.

So what’s all the hype about? Well, CBD is the abbreviated way of referring to cannabidiol, an active compound found in hemp, and the molecules that give the cannabis plant its medicinal qualities, which include reducing anxiety, stress and depression. It’s these properties, along with some amazing benefits to the skin – “anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory,” according to Vogue – that have made it a hyped ingredient in the beauty world.

Now, if you’re a regular reader of Inside Source, you’ll know we love trialing new and innovative beauty treatments, so when we heard about a so-called ‘CBD Facial’ being launched at Blush + Blow, a luxury blow dry and beauty bar in Fulham, London, we had to enquire.

Using products from Cannabis Beauty, all of which blend potent levels of Kannaway Hemp Oil with other skin-enhancing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, rosehip and vitamin C, the facial starts with a double cleanse, followed by manual skin exfoliation and a glow-enhancing mask.

Now, I was warned by my skilled technician before the facial began that, according to some clients, the exfoliation and mask portion of the facial can be a little…intense, with some feeling a stinging or burning sensation for up to 15 minutes. I consider myself a skincare fanatic, willing to go the distance for great skin, so I braced myself and waited for the burn. And yes, it did sting. Was it too much? No, it felt like if you’ve ever sunburnt yourself a little and you accidentally touch it. But it didn’t last long, thankfully.

The second part of the facial was more traditional, and enjoyable from my side, as the technician spent 20 minutes doing a detoxing lymphatic drainage massage, using (in order) Kannaway CBD oil (1000mg CBD), serum and moisturiser.

Overall the facial was relaxing, the products smelled great and I left absolutely glowing – if a little red. But what you all really want to know was, did I feel anything? It’s difficult to say exactly, as most facials and massage treatments leave you feeling relaxed, but I can say I did feel a little more ‘spacey’ and chilled on the commute home, compared to other facials I’ve had. Was it the CBD oil’s properties? Was it the aromatherapeutic properties of the products combined? Likely the latter, but days later my skin is still glowing, my whole face feels lifted and whenever I think back to that facial, I feel immediately chillaxed.  

Images courtesy of Blush + Blow