Hotel Chocolat have a beauty range & it’s good enough to eat

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Did you know that cocoa in its purest form is packed with vitamins and minerals – especially zinc, iron, magnesium and copper – all of which repair skin, aid hair growth and even boost energy levels. But the real pièce de résistance is its anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties. 

Yep, chocolate helps rejuvenate, soften and protect skin whilst fighting off harmful free radicals and giving your complexion a healthy lit-from-within glow, so it’s good for both health and looks. Win, win. 

So imagine our delight when we heard that Hotel Chocolat have branched out into the beauty world with chocolate-infused beauty products that are good enough to eat. From cocoa and shea butter body butters to chocolate and almond lip balms all under £30, here are our top picks to indulge in right now (without the calories).

Cacao and coconut hand cream, £7 
Cacao and aloe vera hand wash, £16
Koray Eau de Parfum, £28
Cacao and almond body butter, £14.95
Chocolate almond lip balm, £7
Cacao almond and coconut body scrub, £14.95
Cacao and coconut hand cream, £14.95
Argan body butter with almond and cacao, £14.95
Chocolate peach lip balm, £7

Image credit: Hotel Chocolat