Kylie wants her epic ear piercings back & this is how to get the look

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Kylie Jenner isn’t a woman to do things by halves. She didn’t just start her own company, Kylie Cosmetics, she created a billion dollar beauty empire. When she became pregnant, she did the opposite of her sisters and managed to keep it secret for an entire YEAR. Another thing Kylie doesn’t do by halves? Accessorise, and her ear piercings are the perfect example. 

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Kylie has had approximate 18 ear piercings over the years, and she took to Instagram late last year to proclaim her frustration at taking them out.

We’re unsure exactly what Kylie has right now (can’t imagine an earful of tuggable jewellery is a great idea with baby Stormi in the picture!), but as of 2016, Kylie Jenner’s ear piercings were:

Left ear:

  • 1 x lobe
  • 7 x cartilage


Right ear:

  • 1 x lobe
  • 1 x auricle
  • 1 x forward helix
  • 1 x industrial
  • 1 x daith

So which earrings specifically does Kylie like to wear? She’s previously professed a love for Luv AJ, her ‘KYLIE’ cartilage piercings come from a British brand called Aurum + Grey, and while she’s not wearing them in these exact pictures, Kylie’s been photographed wearing these gold hoops by Adorn Monde. So, who’s booking in at the piercers then?