OUCH! You’ll never guess which UK city are the biggest lovers of a Hollywood wax

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Body hair. From our eyebrows to our leg hair and, you know, the hair down there, we’ve all got it. Whatever you choose to do with it is totes fine and down to personal preference, but we’ve been wondering which bikini wax style the ladies of the UK love the most, so we asked the experts at Treatwell who said the Hollywood wax is hands down the UK’s favourite wax. Ouch. But we were most intrigued by which UK city loves it the most…

The London commuter belt of East London, Essex and Kent are the biggest lovers of the bare look; over 75% of all bikini waxing appointments in Southend, Ilford and Dartford are for Hollywood waxing. Outside of London, Birmingham and Sheffield are particularly fond of the style with over 65% of waxing appointments for a Hollywood style.

Not a fan of the totally bare look? The slightly less naked Brazilian wax is most popular in Central London, Guildford and Bristol, while the good old classic bikini wax is most popular in the north, particularly in the likes of Stockport, York and Glasgow. Who knew eh?

Image: Sex and the City/HBO