We tried the ‘period pants’ everyone is talking about and this is what happened

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If you’re a person who has periods, you’ll understand the many frustrations that go hand-in-hand with ‘that time of the month’. Cramps and PMS aside, one of the most annoying burdens we have to deal with is the management of sanitary products. Do we have enough tampons to last through the whole period? Do we have the right absorbency pads? Is this the month to try the Mooncup?

So our ears pricked up when we heard about period-proof underwear. Essentially, they’re super absorbent underwear designed to let the wearer ‘free bleed’, removing the fuss that comes with typical sanitary products (sneaky toilet trips to the bathroom with a tampon up your sleeve, anyone?).

So being the progressive (and curious) women we are, we contacted two of the biggest period-proof underwear producers in the game, THINX and Modibodi, and gave theirs a try. Here is our no-holds-barred verdict…

Ciana O’Reilly, Digital Content Writer

“Before testing THINX out for myself I’d heard from friends who had tried similar pants that they were revolutionary, however I’d always been hesitant to try them myself as I was worried they might feel gross or that they would leak. I took the plunge on a medium flow day when I knew I would be at home all day – just in case of leaks. They felt just like regular pants and were super soft and comfortable, and I didn’t feel any extra bulk from the ‘pad’ part like I thought I might. I was initially dubious that they would work, but by the end of the day I totally forgot I was even on my period! Now I’m fully converted. They were way less hassle than traditional sanitary products, and as someone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious I will definitely buy more for future use.”

Katie Ecclestone, Head of Content

“I can’t lie, I was hesitant trying out Modibodi’s period-proof underwear. I’ve been using tampons for over 15 years, so the idea of going back to pads (or anything like it) was kind-of horrifying. To me, tampons are a neat and relatively comfortable product to use, and I was having visions that wearing period pants would essentially feel like wearing a diaper. And…I was wrong! I wore Modibodi’s ‘classic bikini’ style, with light to moderate absorbency, and found them soft, comfortable and protective. Over the course of 12 hours, I genuinely forgot I had my period twice, and I really appreciated being able to nip to the loo and not sneak pads/tampons/feminine wipes in with me. Would I switch from tampons? Definitely on lighter days, as I’ve yet to build up the confidence to try them when I’ve got a heavy flow.”

Vanessa Ollis, Digital Marketing Executive

“My first time wearing THINX I was a little nervous as for 12 years I’ve been wearing either a pad or tampon, so trying something different naturally felt a little strange. The first 10 mins took some time to get used to as I could feel the seam of the knickers at the back. However overall, it was super liberating not having to worry about leaking or sneaking a tampon into my pocket before going to the toilet. I have since worn the pants another 3 times and would 100% recommend them to all my friends with periods.”

It’s been reported that women spend more than £18,000 on having periods in their lifetime – yep, £18,000, let that sink in – buying everything from sanitary products to  pain relief and comforting snacks. Huge financial burden aside (ahem), another pressing problem is the plastic waste created by these products. Did you know pads are around 90% plastic? And that half of UK women flush tampons down the toilet, causing massive sewage and waterway issues across the nation. So turns out switching to reusable period-proof underwear could not only be a better period experience, it’d help combat the plastic crisis facing the world. Now THAT’S progress.

You can buy THINX here and at Selfridges, and buy Modibodi here.