I tried dermaplaning and here’s everything you need to know

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When it comes to skincare, I definitely used to take a ‘soap and water’ approach – literally, that’s all I did (sorry mum). But since hitting 25 I’ve become increasingly aware of the benefits of looking after your skin – after all it’s going to be with you your whole life, right?

So now I’m all about trying the latest in facial skincare, and am always more than willing to give anything a go in my quest for perfectly smooth skin. Enter dermaplaning. I’ve been hearing whispers around the beauty world about this treatment for a while; it involves a sterilised scalpel (eek) scraping the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz off your face. The results? Skin a baby would be proud of. Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment….

When I arrived at Regents Park Aesthetics clinic, Natasha (an aesthetic skin specialist) began by asking me to complete a consent form in case of any scratches to the skin, which made me slightly nervous. I was immediately put at ease though when she said in all her years of performing the treatment, she hadn’t cut or scraped anyone’s face (yet).

I lay down and Natasha started the treatment by completely cleansing my face with micellar water, to ensure it was totally free of makeup and dirt. She then started to shave my face using the scalpel blade.

Dead skin cells and hair

The treatment is performed everywhere apart from your nose and eye area, and feels insanely relaxing. There is no pain at all, and I actually felt myself drifting off to sleep at different points during the treatment. It took around half an hour all in all, and once Natasha was done shaving my face, and had checked I was happy and everything felt smooth, she applied sunscreen then moisturiser, to protect my fresh layer of skin from the outside world!

Looking in the mirror immediately after the treatment, I definitely looked glowier, and my skin felt completely refreshed – lighter, even? My face also felt the smoothest it had ever felt in my entire life. I couldn’t stop touching it – until Natasha warned me that too much touching could cause breakouts since the dead layer of skin protecting my inner layers from the dirt had been shaved off!

I was told not to apply any makeup that day, but when I went to apply foundation the next morning it went on like a dream – the lack of peach fuzz on my face meant the foundation went on super evenly and looked almost filter perfect.

Dermaplaning lasts 3-4 weeks and it’s safe to say I’m already hooked. I’ll be back booking my next treatment before the month is out. If Insta filter skin is your thing (I mean, whose isn’t it) then I’d definitely recommend giving dermaplaning a go.

Image: www.marieclaire.com.au