We just found Kim K’s secret to silky hair

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Question: What is the secret to Kim Kardashian’s ultra-glossy, blind-a-bitch tresses? The answer is healthy hair. Kimmie has been raving about a treatment that is becoming popular in salons nationwide due to its breakthrough hair repairing technology. Introducing: Olaplex.

Olaplex is a three-part treatment. The first two steps need to be done by a professional at the hairdressers and the third can be done at home. Not to be confused with other conditioning agents and treatments which simply coat and mask damaged locks, Olaplex repairs hair from within by rebuilding disulphide bonds (the protein in your hair, we’ll leave it at that) which gets damaged when bleaching.


The first bottle is the Bond Multiplier; this is used whilst hair is being lightened (it’s usually mixed with the bleach/hair dye) and helps mitigate any damage during a chemical treatment.

The second bottle is the Bond Perfecter; this is used once all the bleach has been washed from the hair and continues to mend tresses post-treatment.

The third bottle is a take-home product which can be used once or twice a week. It can be used in between chemical services, or whenever you feel like your hair has had a little too much love and/or damage. *Gives hair straighteners the side-eye*

Got au natural locks? Olaplex can be used on unbleached hair, too. Think of it as a hair pick-me-up.

Kim claims to leave the product in her hair overnight, but you only really need to leave it in for 30 minutes or until it’s dry to get the most out of the treatment. How about that for a hair-roe product?

Image credit: Kim Kardashian, Olaplex