This one product will give you Khloe Kardashian’s summer legs

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There’s no denying each and every one of the Kardashian sisters always look flawless. We’re pretty much obsessed with their looks, from their make-up and their hair down to their clothes and their smooth, glossy legs. Now, we may not have access to their wardrobes or make-up bags *sob* but lucky for us, Khloe has revealed her secret to getting those pins. 

The Good American designer swears by none other than Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs; it’s a body foundation designed to easily spray along the leg to create an even, flawless and tanned finish. Khloe took to her website to gush about the product, saying “Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs is FLAWLESS legs-in-a-can, dolls! My glam squad uses it whenever I’m shooting to give my legs an even, glowy effect. It totally blurs out any little veins or freckles, and gives my tan a boost. It literally takes 60 seconds to dry and washes off in the shower.”

Erm, could we be anymore sold? Apparently yes. Because the price tag is a mere £9.99 and getting your hands on the wonder product couldn’t be easier; it’s available at your local Boots.

Our next night out needs this. Race you to the checkout?