Primark have a dupe of THE Urban Decay Naked Heat palette & it’s only £4

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Yep, you read that right. Primark have launched their version of Naked Heat and you can buy ten for the price of one of Urban Decay’s cult palettes. Not that you’d need but we want to make the point.

Amber from Primark - £25

Primark are killing it at the moment when it comes to dupes, with their latest offerings including a Too Faced inspired ‘Chocolate’ range and KKW Beauty-esque ‘Nudes’ collection.

But how does ‘Amber’ (Naked Heat’s less expensive little sister) measure up?

Make-up fans and beauty bloggers alike have taken to the internet to give their verdict on the palette, and it’s a pretty mixed bag.

Screenshot of a tweet

But it’s not all sunshine, rainbows and highlighter; YouTuber Tammi Clarke wasn’t quite as impressed:

“The more I look at them they look nothing alike. The packaging is definitely Urban Decay inspired however on the inside you can see Urban Decay’s shades are a lot deeper than the Primark one. I don’t even feel like I could get the same look out of these.”

So is the dupe worth the trip to Primark? For £4 we’re certainly willing to find out.

Race you to the checkout…