YouTube’s biggest blogger just praised this £4.50 concealer

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“Hi there, how are ya?”, are the words you hear before some serious tea spilling ensues on Jeffree Star’s Youtube channel. Star has reviewed a plethora of beauty products over the years and prides himself on his brutal honesty; he refuses to be bought or influenced by brands which has earned him the trust of millions of fans – us included. 

Being a make-up artist and brand founder himself, his standards when it comes to quality make-up are very, VERY high, so once a product gets the ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ seal (it’s basically the highest honour any product can receive), you know it’s good. The latest item to earn a place in his make-up bag? Barry M’s All Night Long concealer which you can snag for just £4.49!


Barry M All Night Long concealer, £4.49

Star praises the full coverage concealer and is impressed by the buildable, blendable and non-cakey formula, and even encourages UK-based beauty obsessives to snap one up if they haven’t already. Well, if it’s good enough for Jeffree…

Image: Youtube