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McDonald’s is bringing back Maltesers and Smarties McFlurries for summer

If you don’t like McFlurries, you’re either a) wrong or b) lying. Everyone’s favourite fast food sweet treat has been a regular on the McDonald’s menu for years, but the flavours have been ever-changing. Personal (and fan) favourite Smarties McFlurry was dropped from the menu three years ago, leaving ice-cream aficionados devastated, whilst the Malteser

You can now get Costa coffee in a can

There’s nothing more soul-soothing than cosying up in a cafe and having a coffee, but we’re all in way too much of a rush for that, amirite? So our favourite Italian coffee maestros, Costa, have remedied the problem by creating on-the-go iced coffee in a can - genius! The new Costa Coffee 'Ready-To-Drink' range will
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