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You can now get Costa coffee in a can

There’s nothing more soul-soothing than cosying up in a cafe and having a coffee, but we’re all in way too much of a rush for that, amirite? So our favourite Italian coffee maestros, Costa, have remedied the problem by creating on-the-go iced coffee in a can - genius! The new Costa Coffee 'Ready-To-Drink' range will

Your first look at Zara’s new OTT disco collection

You should probably apologise to your credit card in advance, because we’ve just seen Zara’s new BELLA ROMA collection, and trust us, you’re gonna want to buy it all. Featuring glitter, sequins and even feathers, this campaign is giving us serious disco vibes and we’re not mad. The blue metallic bow crop top and holographic

Fenty Beauty is launching in Boots and we are shook

Beauty fans hold onto your highlighters, because boy, do we have some good news for you. The one and only Fenty Beauty, brain-child of Rihanna and one of the most inclusive brands around rn, is set to become super accessible, launching in everyone’s favourite drugstore - Boots! via GIPHY Yep, you read that right. Previously