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The £7 beauty buy Beyoncé uses every day on vacay

There’s no denying Beyoncé always looks effortlessly sleek and gorgeous - and we may have just discovered her secret (aside from the fact that she has Goddess genes). Queen Bey told Allure that Smith’s Rosebud salve is her everyday go-to product, saying “ I wear it with my lipstick. I did this trick last summer, when

Where to shop all of this week’s Love Island outfits

On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are we with Love Island? We’re gonna say about a 15; sorry not sorry. Aside from lusting after the boys and cringing over some of the dates,, our new main obsession has become the girls' outfits. Every night we find ourselves wondering ‘Where did she get that bikini/dress/kimono from?’ Luckily,

The free treatments you can get at beauty counters

When was the last time you paid a visit to your local Clinique, Benefit, MAC [enter beauty brand-obsession of choice] counter? Most of us will shy away from asking for help, choosing instead to browse solo through a sea of products we know nothing about. And rather than trying something new, we’ll just default to

How to bag free beauty samples

So you’re dying to try the latest moisturiser, hair styling cream, foundation [enter beauty obsession of choice], but dropping serious £££s on a whole bottle before you’re even sure that it’s any good seems a little crazy doesn’t it? That’s why it’s worth getting savvy with samples. Whether you’re shopping online or heading to the counter in-store,

15 simple ways to save literally thousands on your wedding

Whether you’re arranging your wedding day for reals or just in your head (because it’s good to forward plan), these little hacks will save you literally thousands of pounds -which will come in seriously handy when purchasing your entirely new honeymoon wardrobe. Read now, thank us later. Don’t get hitched on a Saturday Nothing is
CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE jlo jennifer lopez workout

Revealed: The 4 moves that give JLo THAT body

Always-on-the-go actress, singer, dancer and mother of two Jennifer Lopez definitely gives it her all in life, and her workout is no exception; a lot of work goes into keeping her world-famous figure in shape. Now not all of us are naturally blessed with shapely derrières, but the good news is a great butt is totally
LIFESTYLE Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

This 6ft unicorn sprinkler is exactly what your garden needs this summer

Last summer the world went crazy for novelty pool inflatables in the shape of unicorns, avocados, doughnuts and more; did you even go on holiday if you didn’t Instagram one of them? So what is this summer’s Instagram sensation? A giant 6ft tall unicorn sprinkler for your garden of course; we must buy it immediately. Regular sprinklers are so last year,
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