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North West directed a music video & NGL it’s pretty good

Whether they’re releasing a new beauty line, starring in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show or just entertaining us on KUWTK, we’re unashamedly obsessed with the Kardashians #sorrynotsorry. And the ‘Kardashian of the moment’ crown goes to - yep, you guessed it - Miss North West. The girl is an actual mood and since mastering the

Fenty Beauty is launching in Boots and we are shook

Beauty fans hold onto your highlighters, because boy, do we have some good news for you. The one and only Fenty Beauty, brain-child of Rihanna and one of the most inclusive brands around rn, is set to become super accessible, launching in everyone’s favourite drugstore - Boots! via GIPHY Yep, you read that right. Previously

The most instagrammable Airbnb’s you can actually stay in

So according to our Instagram feeds, everyone is on holiday. Which means that naturally, as we scroll lustfully, drinking instant coffee at our desks (because payday feels so far away) our mind can’t help but wander to our next holiday destination, and more importantly, our next vacay Airbnb. So, in the interest of much needed

WTF is a ‘beauty fridge’ and do you really need one?

If like us, you’re obsessed with beauty accounts and MUA’s on Insta then you’ll have no doubt seen the #minifridgeshelfie popping up left, right and centre. Any beauty blogger worth his/her salt no doubt owns an adorable teeny tiny fridge, most likely in a pastel tone, filled to the brim with luxury skincare. But why
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